Goodbye gurus, hello data.

There is no magic. To win an election or achieve any political or business goal, there is no better strategist than Science: A methodology that you can use anywhere in the world to “solve the puzzle” and design solutions based on facts.

This is my method: think and act data-driven. What it means: only data research and analysis can show the right track to victory.

That is why I have put together an extraordinary group of professionals in two entities that form a unique team.

A Data intelligence company capable of collecting,mining and analyzing Human & Big Data even in areas without internet access or social networks, using a unique methodology based on own algorithms, AI and Machine Learning.

“Jordi Segarra’s campaign Team” is a multi-award-winning firm specialized in data-based strategies for Governments, political campaigns and high-profile corporations.

Made up by experts in all areas of a campaign, from A to Z: strategy, management, GOTV, grassroots activation, content and messaging, creativity, audiovisual and digital.

From one campaign to another, from one country to another, accumulating thousands of hours together.


We have traveled half the world accumulating experience, learning a lot each time and teaming up with the best local partners.